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Let George Do It
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Let George Do It

Let George Do It was a detective drama series broadcast from 1946 to 1954. Bob Bailey, who also starred the private insurance investigator Johnny Dollar, played the freelance private eye in this series. Frances Robinson portrayed his secretary Claire Brooks. The show was written by David Victor and Jackson Gillis, and was directed by Don Clark.

Each episode opens with George's self-introduction, "Danger is my stock-in-trade. If the job's too tough for you to handle, you've got a job for me, George Valentine." George advertises his service on newspaper, through which he obtains his cases.

There are 186 shows in our collection! Date Aired
The Robber November 8, 1946
The Brookdale Orphanage October 25, 1946
Cousin Jeff and the Pigs October 18, 1946
The First Client May 14, 1946
Fourty Two on a Rope October 3, 1947
Perfect Speciman August 9, 1948
Murder It's A Gift November 8, 1948
The Flowers That Smelled of Murder November 1, 1948
Death Wears a Gay Sports Jacket October 18, 1948
The Little Man Who Was Everywhere September 27, 1948
The Impatient Redhead September 6, 1948
A Minor Case of Murder August 30, 1948
The Racket June 28, 1948
A Close Call July 12, 1948
Who Is Sylvia November 22, 1948
Have Some Excitement June 7, 1948
The Man Who Was Murdered Twice July 5, 1948
The Hearse Was Painted Pink September 20, 1948
The Seven Murder July 26, 1948
The Father Who Had Nothing to Say September 13, 1948
The Corpse That Took a Powder August 23, 1948
A Deadman Who Was a Murderer July 19, 1948
Hired for a Bodyguard June 14, 1948
The Money Maker August 2, 1948
The Unfit Mother June 21, 1948

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